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I help highly intelligent and capable individuals uncomplicate their own inner world. Instead of complex explanations for their suffering, they now have simple solutions for happiness.

Learn amazing tools to help discover your true nature. Let's get strong, bright, and self-reliant so we can rise to life’s challenges, deftly manage transitions, and welcome opportunities with love and grace.

Together, we can transform your practice by exploring spiritual teachings as instruments for navigating modern-day life with joy and ease.

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It's time to unlock Your Soul's Design and step into your SOUL POWER - A Journey for the Elite Seeker.

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What can I expect?

René is honored to help you apply yoga’s life-affirming spiritual teachings to your everyday life. Sure, there’s foundational asana and pranayama. But there’s so much more! Her coursework masterfully blends yoga philosophy and wisdom with shared personal stories and life experiences. She captures the essence of high-minded ancient teachings and, in sublimely pragmatic ways, communicates accessible techniques and methods that in all likelihood will change the way you go about your day.

In this program, you’ll learn to truly show up – for yourself and your relationships. Ditch self-blame. Connect to a sense of wholeness and harmony. Rediscover your humanity and place in nature. Learn to listen – and hear  your potent inner guide.


“René is a true guide and teacher; she is a rare combination of spiritual lioness and master technician who skillfully tends to and preserves the wisdom of the Himalayan Masters while lovingly guiding her students. Always a source of courage and inspiration, she stays the course with us to ensure mastery.”


Claudia Jane Neuman – MSW, ERYT-500, YACEP

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