Why Become a Yoga Teacher?

A friend dragged me to a yoga class my first time. I didn’t want to go. But I continued to go; it was kind of fun. And I kept getting stronger! Not just physically but emotionally and mentally, too. The benefits started right away. And then I realized that my practice was all about LOVE.

At first, I decided to teach because friends and family were curious about my practice. They saw changes in me and wanted those too. I couldn’t wait to share what saved my life. I didn’t even know it needed saving ...

Looking back – I can’t believe what life would be like without what I have learned these last 20 years of yoga study. I cannot even dream of riding that emotional roller coaster that I was on before I learned the key – AWARENESS.

In fact, that is exactly what we are learning in teacher training. We are learning to be more aware of our body and mind in this space, in this life. Then we can CHOOSE our path forward. We can be less reactive and more tranquil, more confident, more loving to ourselves. 

We are also learning to teach awareness to our students so they have a greater awareness of themselves and how reactive they are and what they can do about it. What’s cool about that is that any shape or size practice will have a tremendous positive impact on our well-being AND the well-being of our families (and, dare I say, the world?). 

We learn that real yoga is the ancient science of happiness and health. That’s the bottom line. The keys are all there.

As teachers, we build a toolbox to use for ourselves and offer to others. The science has been passed down thru countless generations of yogis. We get to know ourselves better, lead happier & freer lives and it all starts with our bodies. It then moves inward on a journey of self-exploration and ultimately awakening to our highest potential.

But yes, our bodies feel great too. Our spines get stronger. We can do more of all the other things we love to do.

Yoga teacher training is for YOU, the student. And – as we learn – what a rewarding path it is to share these teachings with others.

I hope you will consider delving into this wonderful science that you can bring into your life. Wrap your home and family in your practice. It will teach you that your very best friend in the whole world is YOU. 

I hope to see you in our next 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, or Advanced 300-Hour Training